Commercial Landscape Design

The commercial design of your landscape should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also, serve as an integral part of the building’s function. If your property receives daily visits from customers or clients, then your building’s outwardly arrangement should represent the face of your business. You will need to consider how you want people to interact with and think about your property. What will their immediate impression be?

At Zito Landscape Design, our commitment to providing you with beautiful and functional landscape designs is what makes us your recommended commercial landscape design firm in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Our approach includes a personalized plan based on your goals with sustainable and unique design concepts that makes your exterior site stand out.

What Can Zito Landscape Design Offer?

Whether you own an office building, a retail store, or a restaurant, our attention to detail and experience in various industries allows us to create the perfect environment that best suits your brand. We want to make every visit an experience through visual appealing designs and enhancement for your property.

Our professional landscape design projects allow you to:

  • Convey the right message: What image do you want your brand or building to convey? Certain landscape designs can provide a soothing, fun, professional, or edgy theme that matches perfectly with your brand’s image or business.
  • Direct the flow of traffic: Placing various plants and trees around the entrance points and creating pathways with shrubs can make a bold statement to your visitors. Also, it steers people in the direction that you would want them to go in order to reach your building.
  • Attract clients: Having a visually appealing design can attract people to your business and offer an environment that is welcoming.

It is important to remember that you are not just recreating the space for your business, but for your clients and customers as well.


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A professional landscape needs to have the right sense of beauty and maintenance that will provide you with the functional benefits that you desire. You will be working closely with local landscape designers who are familiar with the native plants and trees that will enhance the look of your business. If you are you interested in learning more about our Miami landscape services, please feel free to contact us!