Our Philosophy

Our core philosophy emphasizes harmony, proportion, balance, and sustainability. We believe in creating beautiful bio-diverse landscapes and hardscapes that enhance contemporary and traditional gardens. With 45 years of experience, we intuitively select tropical and sub-tropical plants to build up a symphonic blend of colors, textures, and plant varieties for Western and Eastern style gardens.            


Zito Landscape Design is one of South Florida’s most distinguished boutique landscape design firms. Family owned and operated since 1974 and committed to excellence, our clientele experiences a level of care and expertise unmatched in the region.

We are a collaborative team of creative thinkers from some of the best landscape architecture universities in the United States, including Cornell University, University of Florida, and Louisiana State University. Our process includes conceptualization and execution of landscape design for residential and commercial outdoor spaces. With 45 years of expertise behind us, we create beautiful designs that respond to the unique needs of our clients to enhance their quality of life.

Our landscaping ideas have been featured on HGTV, Sun Sentinel, and in other media, showcasing the ways in which native flora can transform an outdoor space into an exciting and inviting area for our clients and their guests. In addition to developing rich residential garden spaces, we also elevate the landscaping of celebrated restaurants, corporate headquarters, and renowned luxury brands.

Every project we undertake is underpinned by a sense of ecological responsibility that honours the intersection of built and natural form. As members of the American Society of Landscape Architects and the Florida Native Plant Society we are current with architectural and landscape design trends and issues, and have greater access to relevant resources, all ensuring that our clients receive the utmost quality of care.




John Zito, the founder of Zito Landscape Design, has over 50 years of experience in the landscape design industry. He knows that design is best when it is simple, honest, and human. He has built Zito Landscape Design on the guiding principles of kindness, purpose, and integrity. In each project John undertakes, he and his team strive to exceed expectations to create meaningful and extraordinary landscapes.