Our Philosophy

Our landscape design philosophy emphasizes unity, proportion, balance and sustainability. Whether for a contemporary or traditional garden, European or Asian, tropical or sub-tropical, we select varieties, colors and textures that harmonize into an enduring and self-sustaining whole.


At Zito Landscape Design Inc., we are so much more than just a landscaping company with 43 years of experience. We are a full-service design firm, providing everything from conceptual drawings to full plantings and hardscape installations throughout Southern Florida including Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.

We pride ourselves in selecting exceptionally talented, formally trained designers from some of the nation’s leading landscape architecture programs including the University of Florida and the prestigious Cornell University of New York. In addition to being talented artists, our associates are certified in environmental studies and arboriculture. Each member of our team is hand selected for their extensive knowledge of South Floridian species and habitats to ensure that your property is sustainable as well as beautiful.


We believe design is best when it is simple, honest, and human. We think we know just how to do that. We work with kindness, purpose, and integrity – but most of all, we work with people. We aim to exceed expectations – both yours and ours. We strive to build brands that evoke emotion and connect with people on a forever kind of level. We’re inspired by corporations with big vision and by start-ups with big dreams. We want to help you build something incredible.