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Landscape designers work on a canvas that is distinctly different from other art forms.

Expect to see more eco-conscious and unconventional plants in homes and gardens for 2020, according to horticultural experts with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

Most of Florida is home to a warm climate that will get you the lush tropical landscaping look.
Some customers may want us to design a tropical oasis to remind them of their favorite vacation destinations in Hawaii or the Caribbean,

Beautiful decorated exterior will certainly contribute to improve the appearance of each house. Decorated garden designs enhances the look of any home,

Plan the backyard getaway you’ve always dreamed of
A professional landscape can beautify a yard, but a water feature can turn a yard into a magical backyard oasis.

Adding a water feature to your yard has endless benefits. Not only does it create a soothing sound and visual beauty,

Defined by clean lines and an overall uncluttered aesthetic, modern landscaping is the organic embodiment of “less is more.”
Perfect for contemporary property layouts or as a welcome contrast against a more traditional home structure,

1. You want a dream outdoor space. 
Whether your ideal space is a meditative stone garden or lush planted beds, landscape architects and designers can help make it a reality.

Landscaping is no easy task. It takes a lot of knowledge and precision to get a landscape right. However, this task becomes much easier if you have some information about plants native to Florida.

Picking the best landscape design for your property in Miami, South Florida is not always easy. You should aim to select a South Florida landscape design that will enhance the look of your property and suit your personal needs.