Embarking on the Hollywood Bungalow landscape project, , completed in 2008, was a deeply enriching experience, blending modern design with sophisticated elegance. We selected sleek, low-maintenance plants and materials, ensuring the space remained effortlessly stunning year-round, reflecting the clean, resilient beauty of contemporary gardens. By incorporating geometric patterns, we crafted a sense of space and balance, inviting visitors to explore and relax. The strategic use of perspective was particularly transformative, allowing us to create the illusion of expansive areas within limited confines. Modern-style planters and plantings create a serene urban retreat, offering a stylish escape in the heart of South Florida. To ensure complete privacy, we installed sleek hedges along the perimeter, creating a secluded haven for peace and tranquility. This project wasn’t just about designing a landscape; it was about crafting a personal sanctuary for our client.

The Hollywood Bungalow landscape project was not just about creating a visually appealing outdoor space, but also about providing an oasis for our client to relax and recharge. We carefully selected plants and materials that would require minimal maintenance, allowing our client to fully enjoy their new retreat without the added stress of upkeep.

In addition to incorporating modern design elements, we also paid close attention to functionality. By utilizing geometric patterns and creating a sense of balance, we were able to maximize the space and make it feel larger than it actually was. This thoughtful approach not only added to the aesthetic appeal, but also created a practical and inviting environment for visitors.


The Hollywood Bungalow is just one example of the verdant, forest-like yards we create. At Zito Landscape, our designers take pride in crafting eco-friendly gardens that are self-sustaining and require minimal upkeep, especially in the humid climates of Hollywood, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and other areas in South Florida. For over five decades, our landscape designers have been transforming spaces in South Florida and Fort Lauderdale. Our innovative team focuses on building sustainable sanctuaries for all our clients and will not rest until your vision is perfectly captured in our custom designs. We excel in creating harmonious landscapes and would love to begin crafting your dream design.

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