Placing the right plant in the right place is of foremost importance in creating a healthy and successful low-maintenance landscape.

Imagine your backyard as a meditation retreat. Lush plants, water features and benches to sit and reflect as you unwind from a long day.

Choosing the best landscape design for your Miami, South Florida home sometimes can be tricky. There are many design elements and variables to sort through,

Plants well-suited to their back yard or site needs less irrigation and fertilizer and are more resistant to pest infestation. Our South Florida landscape principles encourage the selection of the right plant for the right place,

Popular Landscape Design Trends
With rising environmental concerns such as global warming and energy costs, many homeowners are switching over to a more sustainable landscape design.

Florida Plant Spotlight: Agapanthus
Agapanthus, often known as the Lily of the Nile or African Lily, is a landscape stable in the warm-winter regions.

Basic lawn care knowledge is essential for every homeowner, regardless of whether you take advantage of the design expertise and resources that come with a professional landscaping service.

Hurricane season starts every June 1st, making it an important date for your yard maintenance. To get the most out of your landscaping and to prevent damage in the event of a large storm,

The sub-tropical climate in South Florida creates prime growing conditions for weeds, so homeowners must be diligent about controlling the pesky plants.

At Zito Landscape Design, we prize beautiful plants, particularly those that grow naturally in southern Florida – they’re at the heart of everygarden,