Zito Landscape Design & ASLA: Liberty Elementary School Project

This time last year, Zito Landscape Design Inc. worked in partnership with ASLA and the ACE Mentor Program to help beautify Liberty Elementary School. The schoolyard was a large and empty canvas waiting to be transformed. We were proud to be working together with ASLA and the students of Liberty Elementary School.

We believe landscaping is an important part of every school. Landscaping not only beautifies the yard, but helps preserves the environment by cleaning the air, maintains water management and helps create a cooling effect. Adding landscaping to a school can also improve students mental health. Studies consistently show that being in nature can improve student’s memory, reduce stress, and boost feelings of happiness. Nature is so powerful that something as small as one tree or a single houseplant can improve mental health. We are proud to play an important role in building a better community with these partnerships.


The ACE Mentor Program is a program designed to attract high school students into pursuing careers in Architecture, Construction and Engineering industry.

ASLA has introduced the Legacy Project as a gift to the host city of the annual conference. The host chapter teams up with the local affiliate of the ACE Mentor Program to design a project to be installed after the conference. This year the ASLA Florida Chapter committed to the re-development of Liberty City Elementary School Yard as the site for the Legacy Project. ASLA’s support of this hands-on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) educational project is under the leadership of Prof. Ebru Ozer, ASLA, member of the ASLA Florida Chapter, providing guidance to the eleven-student Miami Coral Park Senior High ACE Legacy Team.

To learn more about the ASLA Legarcy Project, visit the links below: