Key Project Features

  • The design captures the balance between hardspace and the landscape in this South Florida rain forest themed home.  With influential elements from rainforests in Asia, it’s seamlessly functional/
  • Our client was seeking a respite for obtrusive south florida summer. This sub-tropical wonderland was designed for maxiumum shade and to reduce the high temperatures and strong glare of the hot south florida summer sun.
  • We created the illusion of deep, expansive space using plants to create dimensional perspective. The property has the appearance of a 10 acre lot, but is actually 2.5 acre
  • Multi-layered privacy hedges planted throughout the perimeter of the property.  This added the rainforest-like depth while giving a sense of privacy to the owner. The densely layered foilage helped to block sounds and views of neighboring houses and cars.
  • Low maintenance, easy to care for.
    • The flora was specifically chosen to be self-propogating for maximum privacy and lushness. We also selected plants that provided the most sustainability, as certain areas tended to get flooded or overly dry.
Before zito property 1-94zito property 1-78 After