Water Feature Designs

Plan the backyard getaway you’ve always dreamed of
A professional landscape can beautify a yard, but a water feature can turn a yard into a magical backyard oasis. Imagine the memories you’ll make entertaining friends, relaxing with family, or rejuvenating and recharging at the end of the day.
Each yard is a unique template. Choosing the water feature that will create the character and mood you are looking for is a critical part of the design process. We will work with you closely to fully understand the feel you want in your yard space and customize our design ideas to create the oasis you have dreamed of.
3 Stunning and Magical Backyard Designs
The Backyard Entertainment Destination
Are you one of those natural hosts who thrives on entertaining friends and family? Create a backyard space that will make your visitors’ jaw drop when they walk out the door. Divide your yard space into functional areas and add features that give each part a distinct mood. Near the house, add an outdoor kitchen complete with a grill, bar, and wood-fired oven. Complement your kitchen with a fountain that will add a visual highlight along with the soothing sound. Fountains can be custom designed to fit your tastes. Choose a pot or vessel fountain that can be tucked into small spaces, boulders or stacked stone fountains that add a natural feel, or wall fountains that further define your kitchen space and add an eye-catching visual attraction to the kitchen area.
An eating area with tables and lounging chairs nearby can serve as the central yard attraction. Add hanging lights to create a magical glow, and design a water feature nearby that guests will enjoy as they sit and socialize. This is a prime place to put a waterfall flowing into a tranquil pond; guests will spend hours talking and savoring the cascading waters and the wildlife attracted to the flowing water. Families who don’t want a pond can install a pondless waterfall instead that will cascade down and disappear into the stones at the bottom.
In another corner, a fire pit or fireplace sets the stage for late night campfires and conversation. A bubbling stream or waterfall nearby will add soothing sound to complete the mood. An alternative would be a wall fountain, which can be built into a nearby retaining wall or added to define the area and add a visual highlight to this section of your yard.
If space allows, a winding stream can help to define each functional area of the yard. Add pathways made of stone or natural wood chips to give your guests a trail to walk on and enjoy the natural landscaping.
Backyard Oasis and Retreat
Some of you may long for a backyard that will serve as an oasis you can escape to after a long day; a place where all your stresses will drain away and you can recharge and rejuvenate. For this backyard, creating areas that contain calming sound and visual elements is key. If space allows, a bubbling stream winding through the yard is the first step. Add a walking path that can take you between multiple areas, each designed for relaxation and reflection. A lounging area next to a pond will be your central attraction, complete with comfy chairs, side tables, and a footrest. Here is where your stream will transition to a cascading waterfall, built with natural stones and surrounded with native plants.
You will spend hours here watching the moving water tumble into the pond, and enjoying the wildlife that it brings. Follow your path to a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, where you and your family can enjoy quiet nights filled with laughter and conversation. Add a stream winding through the area, a small waterfall on the retaining wall nearby, or a fountain created with stacked stones or a bubbling boulder. A third area to consider for your yard would be a private, secluded yoga and meditation area. Adding a small vessel fountain will add a soothing sound that promotes relaxation but is quiet and non-distracting.
A Small but Magical Space
Do you have a small yard or space, but want to create a magical backyard with a unique feel? The possibilities are endless. Add magic to a sitting area by adding fountains made of custom objects – be creative! Stacked vessels can tuck into corners or sit on tabletops, as can unique vessel or pot fountains. A narrow wall can be added to any area to add the sound of cascading water and block neighboring distractions. Use modern tile or brick to create a contemporary feel, or build the wall from stone for a natural look. Bubbling boulders and stacked stone fountains sprinkled throughout your small yard will make it seem like your own little nature preserve, attracting birds and wildlife for you to enjoy.
Adding water features makes your yard space come alive. They can attract wildlife, create a soothing retreat, add a modern flair, create a place for the kids to enjoy with their friends or a setting for you to entertain and impress your guests. The water feature specialists at Cornerstone Landscaping are known for their experience and creativity. We can create any kind of water feature you desire!
If you would like to transform your yard space with a water feature, schedule a free consultation with our designers. We will sit down with you to discuss different water features and determine which one will best suit your needs.