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We would love to meet with you at your Florida home, at no cost, and discuss some specific landscape design ideas to achieve your landscaping dreams, whether that is as simple as selecting a few plants, or as involved as creating an entirely new landscape. Depending on the scale of the potential landscaping, sometimes this meeting is all that is needed to develop some landscape design ideas you will love.

In other cases, it may be preferred that we develop landscape design ideas “on paper,” either hand-drawn or computer drawn, and present them to you. In this circumstance, we will develop either one or several landscape design options, which can range from conceptual to highly-detailed landscape plans.

On the most involved end, your South Florida landscape project requires a detailed master plan. Often in this case, there are multiple moving parts in the project – for example: swimming pool, patio, deck, grading, drainage, planting, landscape lighting, etc. As necessary, we coordinate with the town and engineers to develop a master landscape plan that you will love.

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