Designing a Landscape Privacy Hedge in The South Florida Region
Designing a Landscape Privacy Hedge in The South Florida Region

The tranquility of an outdoor space can be enhanced by selecting particular plants to promote a quiet and private environment. Plants that quickly become lush and dense provide a beautiful backdrop for outdoor entertaining, and also muffle street noise, light, and pollution. Ideally, these plants require minimal maintenance.

While many plants thrive on the walls and fencing that line a property, fences can also present their own challenges as they endure greater distress than foliage-free fencing. Consulting an expert can increase the longevity of the garden and fence.

Passionflower vine (passiflora) is an intoxicatingly beautiful solution when ample foliage coverage is a short-term priority. Their enchanting flowers and passion fruit make it a focal point for well-designed gardens, however, they require ongoing care to ensure they grow without dominating nearby garden beds. To prevent them from overcoming the fence, a trellis can be built to support their growth instead.
Similar to the Passionflower, Bougainvillea becomes full and mature shortly after planting. Its beauty is best maintained through regular pruning with special attention to its plentiful thorns.

Another option for a wall that is soft and plush is Piper neesianum. It dons small delicate flowers, yet is easier to maintain than the former two plants, and was originally cultivated in Guatemala. The Piper brings a soft and romantic aura to its surroundings, a feeling that is amplified by its relative rarity.

Many different types of plants can serve as screens. Florida privet (Forestiera segregate), Native wild coffee (Psychotria nervosa), and Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris) are but a few. As a native plant, Florida privet does exceptionally well and is an excellent starting point for spaces vulnerable to the mist of coastal salt spray. Native wild coffee also performs well, especially when the sun reaches its lower-most points. Bamboo is often a stunning addition, but special expertise should be sought regarding the specific type of bamboo for a given garden, to ensure it does not become invasive.

Bambusa vulgaris is a common bamboo that grows tall, with its thickest branches at the top, making it optimal for extending the privacy of a yard beyond the height of the fence. It is an upward-focussed bamboo that spreads slowly at its base, which keeps it from outgrowing its footprint. Another attractive bamboo is the Gracilis, often used in narrow spaces as it features thinner stems than its counterpart. Both types of bamboo thrive in full sun.

Hanging potted plants have become a popular and efficient solution for outdoor spaces designed for condominiums and sites with humble outdoor square footage. Hanging plants that trail offer dynamism and depth, and offer a wonderful complement to vertical bromeliad walls.

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