Florida Plant Spotlight: Agapanthus

Florida Plant Spotlight: Agapanthus

Agapanthus, often known as the Lily of the Nile or African Lily, is a landscape stable in the warm-winter regions. With its long evergreen stem and strap-like leaves, this easy-to-grow plant produces a beautiful globe of blue, purple, or white trumpet-shape flowers. The Agapanthus is typically in full bloom during the summer and fall seasons in spots where it gets ample amounts of sun with a bed of moist soil. Due to its versatility, this plant can be used as an accent, border, foundation plant beneath windows, or ground cover. It requires minimal maintenance, but it is suggested to divide the Agapanthus every 3 to 4 years to keep the clumps healthy and vigorous.

For residents living in cool-winter areas, the Agapanthus can be placed in containers and moved to a cool spot where they only need to be watered once a month. During the spring, the Agapanthus can be moved back outdoors after all the frost has passed. Typically, potted Agapanthus blooms best when the plant is slightly root-bound.




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