Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Common Garden Pests
Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Common Garden Pests


Slugs, similar to snails eat the leaves of plants and leave a sticky residue behind them. An interesting fact about slugs is that they love beer. If you have a slug problem get an old tuna or cat food can and bury it just till it is level with the soil. Once your can is in the hole you have made, fill it with beer before nightfall. During the night the slugs will be attracted by the beer and drown in it while they are trying to drink. When you wake up in the morning, check your trap, empty the can out in the trash and prep a new batch for the following night.


These land dwelling mollusks are a kin to slugs and are nocturnal as well which we will use to our advantage. Snail enjoy cool, moist, dark places during the day time so take a few boards and scatter them underneath your foliage. When daytime comes they will go underneath these boards to find shelter. When you wake up, check the boards and dispose of the pesky critters however you see fit. Another good idea for both snails and slugs is to water your lawn and garden in the morning. Because snails and slugs like moist environments they will not be as active if your soil is dry at night.


Also known as plant lice can be a problem to anybody’s garden. One-thing aphids don’t like however is citrus. Crete your own citrus spray by grating a lemon and orange rind into a pint of boiling water. Let it steep for 8-10 hours and then strain the liquid using a sieve and coffee filter. Continue doing this until there is no more citrus fruit rind in the liquid. Place this liquid in a spray bottle and go to town on your plants leaves. Spray all around the plant, including the bottom of the leaves. Repeat this about once a week or as needed.


These creepy crawly insects are nocturnal and like to hide in cracks and tight areas during the day. In the evening, get some newspaper and roll it up. After you have rolled it up get it wet and put them around your garden. When you wake up, check out your earwig traps and get rid of the pests however you see fit. If you do not want to kill the pests put the newspaper in a sealed bag and drop it off at your trashcan.


Quite possible the nastiest of our group, grubs are the immature form of beetles and love munching on your garden Milky spore is a natural powder that will kill grubs and keep your garden free of the pests. Unlike other pesticides, milky spore will not harm any other organisms either, which is always a plus.

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