How a South Florida Landscape Architect & Design Firm Transforms Your Backyard into Paradise

Imagine your backyard as a meditation retreat. Lush plants, water features and benches to sit and reflect as you unwind from a long day.

To create a Zen garden or any other landscape design that meets your needs, you deserve only the best Miami landscape design firm with a landscape architect on staff. And you want a
designer who executes luxury outdoor spaces in South Florida.

Florida Native Gardens

Since Miami and Palm Beach are semi-tropical, your local landscape designer has a lot of planting options for you to choose from when creating a native garden.
The wide variety of trees, shrubs, flowers and groundcovers will attract pollinators to your backyard. Plus, the colors and scents will beckon you to unwind from a busy day at the office.
Here are a few examples of native plants your landscape architect will incorporate in your design:


  • Inkberry (Scaevola plumieri)
  • Tampa vervain (Glandularia tampensis)
  • Twinflower (Dyschoriste oblongifolia) also known as oblongleaf snakeherb


  • Buccaneer palm (Pseudophoenix sargentii) also known as Sargent’s palm
  • Coontie (Zamia floridana) also known as Florida arrowroot and Florida zamia
  • Dwarf palmetto (Sabal minor) also known as blue-stem palmetto
  • Paurotis palm (Acoelorrhaphe wrightii) also known as saw cabbage palm
  • Scrub palmetto (Sabal etonia)
  • Silver palm (Coccothrinax agentata)

Perennial flowers:

  • Blanket flowers (Gaillardia pulchella)
  • Crinum lily (Crinum spp)
  • Powderpuff (Mimosa strigillosa)
  • Spider lily (Hymenocallis spp)
  • Wild sage (Lantana involucrata) also known as buttonsage


  • Century plant (Agave spp) also known as agave
  • Fiddlewood (Citharexylum frutcosum)
  • Jamaica caper tree (Capparis cynophallophora) also known as mustard tree
  • Leather fern (Acrostichum danaeifolium) also known as giant leather fern
  • Marlberry (Ardisia escallonioides) also known as marbleberry


  • Black mangrove (Avicennia germinans)
  • Grounded tree (Baccharis halimifolia) also known as sea myrtle and salt-bush
  • Gumbo-limbo (Bursera simaruba)
  • Red maple (Acer rubrum)
  • Swamp dogwood (Cornus foemina) also known as stiff dogwood and stiff cornel.
  • These are just a sampling of native plants added to your gardens to create a tropical paradise.

Other Design Elements

Your landscape designer uses a mix of plants, stones, rocks, water and wood making your outdoor oasis the perfect place for meditation. The color scheme from the tropical plants to the simple design of a pergola create a relaxing space.

Rocks and stones in various colors and shapes add texture, interest, color and stability.
Bamboo rustling in the breeze, wind chimes and water features making soothing sounds as well as attracting various wildlife will entertain you as they feast on your plants.

Annuals and perennial flowers add delicate scents and the different types of furniture used in your new outdoor rooms add texture and places to relax. And curving walkways made of pavers or flagstone guide you and your guests to your backyard.
Trees and palms draw the eye upward as well as add texture and color with their interesting bark, leaves, and flowers. Fruit trees offer beautiful, fragrant blossoms and fruit.

Waterscape Design

Water is foundational to life and nothing provides a sense of tranquility like a water feature. Imagine a waterfall in the background as you and your guests enjoy a meal together in your outdoor dining room.

Waterfalls, koi ponds, fountains, and streams are four examples of waterscapes that a landscape design firm can create for you.

The gentle movement of water over stones and rocks with cultivated moss or vines will add to the visual and sound appeal of your backyard. Lighting can be added to your waterscape so you can enjoy it at night as you watch colorful koi flit around.

Also, fountains and waterfalls create focal points from the outside as well as from the inside of your home.

Dancing Lights

Landscape lighting brightens up your nighttime entertaining, so you and your guests can enjoy a late evening in your backyard. Uplighting a favorite tree or palm or lighting a waterfall adds to the evening’s ambiance.

Pathway lights along your walkway to help your guests to see in the evening as they come and go. Driveway lights welcome your visitors as they enter your property.

Don’t forget about colored lights. Adding colorful lighting to your pool draws the eye to another focal water feature. You can delight your friends and family with colorful lighting that coordinates with music.

How Zito Landscape Design Creates Your Personal Paradise

At Zito Landscape Design, we’re South Florida’s premier landscape design firm. We have landscape architects and designers on staff who know how to use various elements to create a picture-perfect garden for your Miami or Ft. Lauderdale home.

You have many types of gardens to choose from, such as:

  • A bamboo retreat
  • A certified wildlife habitat
  • A healing garden
  • An Italian landscape
  • A tropical paradise

If you’re ready to hire the best landscape architects and designers in Miami, call us today at 800-673-9161 or fill out our contact form.

At Zito Landscaping, we serve South Florida homeowners and commercial clients in Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe, and Palm Beach counties.

Source:, “Florida-Friendly Plant Database.

Zito Landscape Design Can Help You Design Beauty and Privacy Into Your Yard

Depending on your landscape needs, you might want to vary the height of your hedge or privacy screen to make it more visually interesting. That means choosing trees and shrubs of different heights. When you’re looking into shrubs and trees, you’ll also need to consider how much sun and shade they get, as different plants have different needs.

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